Tamaraw Women received the BRAVO Empowered Women and the Lifetime Achievement Awards

Tamaraw Women received the BRAVO Empowered Women and the Lifetime Achievement Awards



Mrs. Maria Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication batch 1980, was awarded the BRAVO Empowered Woman Award last July 25, 2019. Mrs. Palomar-Fresnedi was honored in recognition for her leadership, and service in the business industry, with a special citation for her noble advocacy for establishing the Sunshine Farm Philippines, which employs people with disabilities (PWDs). According to Mrs. Palomar-Fresnedi, she is no hiring PWDs to grow and sell sunflowers, but the other way around – She’s growing and selling sunflowers to hire people with disabilities. Rhodora was the first global vice president for Unilever in London and served as one of the most senior Asian women working in the company. She also holds senior advisory positions in organizations such as the Center for Talent Innovation and the Hidden Brain Drain Project. She founded the Leadership Journey Institute, which provides development programs and coaching for health-care leaders in the country. Mrs. Palomar-Fresnedi was one of the 2018 Green and Gold Outstanding Alumni Awardees.


Aside from Mrs. Palomar-Fresnedi, Lourdes Reyes-Montinola, the Chair Emeritus of Far Eastern University (FEU) Board of Trustees, is this year’s recipient of the BRAVO Lifetime Achievement Award. Reyes-Montinola was instrumental in the re-establishment of FEU as a prominent educational institution. In 1991, she authored “Piña” which gave renewed local and global attention to the cultural significance of the pineapple plant, helping revive the piña fabric industry.


The 8 BRAVE Empowered Women Awards is a nationwide search conducted by Security Bank in partnership with the Zonta Club of Makati and Environs. It gives honor to women who serve as changemakers, achievers, and advocates of social progress nationwide. It also acknowledges the contributions of notable individuals who demonstrate an incredible dedication to service and leadership. BRAVO recognizes its recipients across a broad range of demographics and interesting backgrounds.


At the 8 BRAVO Empowered Women Awards; (From L to R), Margarita Ochoa for Sports, Dr. Rosario Oreta-Lapus for Education, Ms. Waya Araos-Wijangco for Culinary Arts, Ms. Mona Magno-Veluz for Social Services, Ms. Lourdes Reyes-Montinola for Special Lifetime Award, Ms. Ma. Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi for Business, Ms. Bae Arlyne Salazar for Arts, Culture & Heritage, Ms. Magnolia Fernandez-Yrasuegui for Media & Public Affairs, and Ms. Rachel Renucci-Tan for Science and Technology. 

Photo Source: FRED Forum Facebook Page

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