Choose To Be Brave Campaign

‘Be Brave’ were the last words, Nicanor Reyes, Sr. spoke to his daughter, Lourdes Reyes Montinola before he was killed by the retreating Japanese forces. This is the phrase that over the years, has become the embodiment of the collective stories of people in our community and our duty to help them move forward. In times of difficulty and loss, the vital lesson is the ability to continue on with wisdom and strength. This is the legacy of FEU’s founder to its community.

Today is your chance to show that you too can be brave.

As an FEU Alumnus/Alumna, there are many ways to show your support for the continuing generation of brave leaders, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, researchers, athletes, and artists.

Out of our shared Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness values and achievements, let us work together to lay down the foundations of future Tamaraws. Choose to be brave.


About OneFEUfund 

Far Eastern University strives to uphold its founder’s legacy of imparting well-rounded and future-ready learning of students all over the Philippines. The 90-year-old academic institution encourages its community—students, alumni, faculty, and stakeholders alike to participate in fulfilling this mission through the OneFEUfund. The OneFEUfund is the collective effort of the brave alumni to ensure that the torch is successfully passed on to the students. The fundraising program focuses its resources on scholarship and financial aid, faculty development and research, sports and artistic development, and community service.

Should you wish to support this program, you may deposit your donation to any of the following accounts:

Bank Deposit or Fund Transfer


Banco De Oro (BDO)
Sta. Cruz/Dasmarinas Branch
Peso Savings 4570080807

Bank of the Philippines Island (BPI)
Espana UST Branch, Sampaloc Manila
Peso Savings 0151-0150-18




Scholarships and Financial Aid
Faculty and Development Research

FEU funds an average of over 3,500 scholars every year, providing about 11% of the total student population with future-ready skills to help them achieve their academic and career goals. Scholarships are granted to academically qualified students, financially-challenged yet deserving individuals, and university representatives in different fields of service and interests.

FEU has programs to support faculty in their doctoral studies abroad. FEU also funds research in areas such as biodiversity, urban renewal, public health, genetics, sociolinguistics, and indigenous cultures. Support for these programs will help put FEU at the forefront of the effort to develop the science, technology, education, and culture of the Philippines. It will also invigorate the teaching and learning experience in the FEU classroom.


Sports Development

Artistic Development
Anthony Villanueva (boxing), Felicisimo Ampon (tennis), Lydia De Vega (track and field), Johnny Abarrientos (basketball), Rachel Daquis (volleyball), and Janelle Frayna (chess) -- all FEU international athletes. Giving to FEU Athletics directly impacts the success of student-athletes by means of international training and competition, coaches’ development, academic support, and allowances. FEU Folk Dance Company (1959), Ligaya Amilbangsa (Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, 2015),
FEU Drum & Bugle Corps (First Place, Jember Open Marching Competition in Indonesia, 2015) -- all FEU international artists. With your support, FEU student-artists will have more opportunities to compete abroad, internationalize 


 Community Service
The FEU Community is committed to serving the general public through education, livelihood programs, and environmental protection. Through its Volunteerism Services Office, Community Extension Services, and Tamaraw Volunteers (a university-wide student volunteer organization), FEU continues to lead the conservation of endangered Tamaraws
in Mindoro, build homes for the homeless, provide entrepreneurial programs, give hope to those in prisons, and provide assistance to victims of calamities.